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Designed in Los Angeles. Inspired by the Universe.

Tyche + Iset is for star gazers, lovers, adventurers, risk takers, searchers, and thinkers


TYCHE, is the Greek goddess of fate, fortune, and luck.
ISET, is the Egyptian goddess of life, magic, wisdom, and water.
They join celestial forces to guide our destiny.


TYCHE  +  ISET  EYEWEAR is about having fun with colors, patterns, and shapes. It is about making a statement without having to say a word. It is confidence and beauty. It is avant-garde, yet timeless. Using premium-quality materials, each design is intertwined with cultural influences from music, art, history, film, architecture, and nature.


The designer, Morganne Leigh, utilizes her training as a painter and graphic designer to bring her ideas to life.






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