Morganne Leigh, designer Tyche & Iset


Based in Los Angeles. Inspired by the Universe.

TYCHE + ISET EYEWEAR is an artistic line designed in Los Angeles and inspired by the Universe. Our brand is for star gazers, lovers, adventurers, risk takers, searchers, and thinkers.

Tyche is the Greek goddess of fate, fortune, and luck (this does not always mean good luck); she is also the goddess of cities. Iset is the Egyptian goddess of magic, water, and life. These two goddesses represent the risk and chance of following a passion.

Tyche + Iset Eyewear is about having fun with colors, patterns, shapes; it is about making a statement without having to say a word. It is confidence and beauty. It is a way to be avant-garde while still being timeless. Premium-quality and style is intertwined throughout each design while emitting artistic and cultural influences from music, art, history, architecture, film, and nature.


A detail, which has now become our brand’s signature, is the music note charm embedded on the temple tip of every pair of glasses. Music is a universal language and this represents our undying love for many genres across all decades.

The designer, Morganne Leigh, has always been a sentimental person and has collected tangible memories throughout her life. Everything she does for her brand has a significance or a story that unveils itself upon further questioning or review of each design.

Each style has a personality of its own to match your mood for any day or any occasion! These are the type of glasses that you will not forget once you have them in hand.







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