Morganne Leigh, designer Tyche & Iset

Tyche & Iset Eyewear is an idea dreamt up and designed by Morganne L. 

With an intense love of decades past; she creates new collections by merging her art, her everyday inspirations, and vintage touches from her favorite eras. Each pair is embedded with intimate touches of glamour and sophistication...proving that each collection is as special as every person who wears them. 

We invite you to the divine feminine seen through the omniscient eye of modern-day glamour.
Tyche, the Greek goddess of fortune, fate, luck; and Iset, the Egyptian goddess of wisdom, magic, and the renewal of life join celestial forces at last. These two goddesses combined represent the wise guidance of the Divine with mere chance.
Draw the line between determination and destiny with this designer line of casual avant-garde eyewear.
Eram Quod Es, Eris Quod Sum.