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I began my journey in eyewear initially as a fan and a customer. I never expected to one day be an eyewear designer. I am not traditionally from the eyewear or fashion industries. However, my passion for art and design is the fuel to my dedication to succeed.


I love to create. I know no bounds. I will teach myself whatever I can, and I will use every skill I have in order to build something beautiful. My education in art started at age six with traditional classes. I received my degree in Studio Art with a focus in Graphic Design from California State University, Long Beach. I have always been enamored by jewelry, creating pieces to wear since I was young. While studying abroad, I took a course in metalsmithing; a catalyst that got me thinking about starting product design at a professional level.


The feedback I receive from customers is what truly gives me motivation to continue. I am growing at a grassroots level, through various direct-to-consumer shows where I get to meet my customers in person. They consistently share with me stories of their experiences with my brand, how strangers often stop them on the street to complement or ask about the glasses. I am lucky my customers choose to come back to buy more for their friends, family, or themselves. I am so thankful for those opportunities, or else I would never have gotten to this point in my career. I have been the sole investor to this venture (no family help and no investors). I worked concurrently full-time and freelance graphic design positions to invest the capital needed for my company’s growth. Due to these other work responsibilities, my eyewear company remained my passion project for a long time.


My first commercial collection launched Fall 2016 (The Velvet Moon Collection). There have been a lot of hills to climb, and things out of my control that have handicapped me in many ways (literally). I cannot share all of the details of these hardships, and I do not mention this for sympathy. However, I consider my story to be like the tortoise and the hare. I am the tortoise, but I know I will make the finish line eventually.


For the first time, in November 2019, I have been able to work full-time on my company. Throughout these past several years, I have taught myself many new skills including eyewear design, professional photography, and most recently, 3D modeling/CAD design for 3D printing technology. Like most things in my life, and from a very young age, I have had to rely on myself to fulfill my aspirations independently. I am proud that I have made it this far using all of my own capabilities.


My dedication is unwavering and my work ethic is strong. I hope to be able to leave my mark in this industry. When you buy from me, you buy quality, detail, and an intricate story woven through design. My product stands out in all the right ways. My goals are strongly embedded in technology, innovation, and sustainability.


I look forward to the future of TYCHE + ISET EYEWEAR.