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i have always been an advocate for the protection of the environment and wildlife/animals.
i have volunteered and donated to various charities to help in whatever way i could...but, i have always wanted to do more.


recently, a tragic report caught my attention in regard to the poaching issue in Botswana where 90 elephants were massacred.
the new anti-poaching laws in Botswana leave many endangered species in a harrowing position.
the largest remaining populations of elephants reside in Botswana and it saddens me that they are among
many wildlife groups that are exposed to violent poaching threats.


it is my goal to help support animal sanctuaries in Botswana while they navigate through this in order to protect/research African wildlife.
each 'one-of-a-kind' handmade bracelet uses beading to represent a group of elephants walking together through their homeland.
these bracelets are unisex and can be made for women, men, and children.
no two bracelets are alike in color combination, beading pattern, or button closure clasp.


you have to start somewhere in order to make a difference.
i hope you are able to join me on my first initiative through Tyche + Iset!


please 'join our herd' to protect and support animal sanctuaries in Africa 

50% of proceeds will be donated to 'Elephants Without Borders'


if you have any questions, please feel free to contact


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