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We must EMPOWER. We must LOVE. We must TRUST. We must HOPE. 

Words hold Power. Words can change minds, can lead you to take action, and can leave impressions which last a lifetime. Interchange and combine the words: EMPOWER LOVE TRUST HOPE to find new meanings. Find strength in these words to manifest what you would like in your Life and take Action.

We believe that everyone has the ability to make a difference.

Any act of kindness is rewarded with vibrations of positive energy. And, teamwork will initiate progress to cultivate a stronger global community.

For a $10 donation, you will receive a commemorative gift: a 3" iron-on, woven patch of an original artwork design. You may also add an extra monetary donation to your order if you wish.

Display this patch in a frame or on your desk. Iron on the patch to our sunglasses pouches, a backpack, a jacket, a t-shirt, a mask, or anywhere else your heart desires!

[This page is dedicated to: CLEAN WATER ORGANIZATIONS. If you would like to donate to other organizations, please select another Category in the Philanthropy Drop-Down Menu.]


For your information, we have included the websites of each selected organization. Additionally, we have added links to Charity Navigator, an online guide that evaluates charity organizations with ratings for trustworthy donation decisions.


Click Each Charity for Links to their Official Websites + Charity Navigator Profile 


Our latest philanthropic initiative is meant to give supporters the option to choose their charity of choice. We have selected various organizations across multiple categories in need. We plan to add new charities each month to share this kindness with.

Founder and designer, Morganne Leigh, is also a painter and a graphic designer. She designed this original artwork with the intent that it would symbolize our collective ability to help those around us. The outwardly positive vibrations can heal those in need; while our search to better the world should never cease.

The artwork also references mythological origin stories of the two Goddesses, TYCHE (a wheel of fortune) and ISET (a sparrow and a hawk). The history and symbolism of each Goddess is the foundation to our brand’s journey. We are continually guided by these Goddesses and the Universe.

Thank You for supporting our cause. Thank You for making a difference.

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