Tyche + Iset

Las Mariposas in Watercolor Skies



SIZE: 52mm x 20mm x 145mm

Each pair of sunglasses is hand-made using only premium-quality materials.

Las Mariposas means 'butterflies' in Spanish. A futuristic, yet functional silhouette that portrays the delicate details of the famed insect. 

This design is an imagined journey of a butterfly twisting and dancing with the wind across each island; bringing joy to anybody who has the chance to see it.

My great-grandmother used to say that whenever she saw a butterfly, it was her mother coming to visit. 'Las Mariposas' is a metaphorical visit from each of the strong women throughout my life, who have inspired my creative journey.

‘Las Mariposas’ took several years to design and perfect. It is special for so many reasons.


(Available to Rx at your local licensed optician)

We Ship International!



  • Premium-Quality Light Blue Crystal Acetate
  • 100% UV Protection Maroon Wine Lens
  • Matte Silver Accents & Details
  • Signature Music Note Temple Charm
  • "T" Logo
  • Logo Temple Plaque
  • Handwritten "Los Angeles" Logo
  • Stainless Steel Hinges & metal parts
  • Durable & Flexible
  • Clamshell Case & Protective Box
  • Microfiber Cloth

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